Business Support Centre L.t.d., Kranj

C. Staneta Žagarja 37
4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Tel.: +386 4 28 17 230
Fax: +386 4 28 17 249 jogpActd.lsbok/tj

Welcome to the website of BSC Kranj

We are a regional development agency for Gorenjska and we meet development challenges together with you. Gorenjska - Going up!On this website, you can find the information on our activities, current events and calls for proposals. Welcome to have a look!


We are building Gorenjska as a community which, with its healthy Alpine environment, enables us to work, live and entertain ourselves, as well as to fully unleash our creativity and ambitious ideas. We are merging our human, natural, cultural and developmental potential to join the company of the most successful Alpine regions.

To some, the word vision is just an empty word reiterated by dreamers; to some it gives hope; and to some it means a clear goal which they are determined to achieve. How can you achieve your goal if you don't know where are you going? We therefore set clear, yet ambitious goals, which will be difficult to achieve but are worthy of our efforts. Strategic Objectives
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