Digitized Gorenjska with communities that use advanced technology and data analysis to improve the quality of life of their residents and strive to increase sustainability and stimulate economic growth.

Smart communities leverage digital technologies to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve communication and collaboration between residents, companies, and government entities. Within the framework of our department, we want to help municipalities, companies, and individuals in developing new digital products and services, to spread and acquire knowledge and experience in the field of digitization. Through cooperation, we also want to enable the establishment of new partnerships, to be more successful at addressing modern challenges, such as digitization and digital transformation, traffic safety, protection and care of the elderly, and cyber security.

Our activities include:

  • preparation of innovative regional and international projects,
  • developing and promoting regional digital transformation,
  • developing new digital products and services for key stakeholders,
  • managing the regional committee for smart communities,
  • concern for awareness and safe use of the Internet.