We promote integrated and balanced spatial development of the Gorenjska region with emphasis on environmental preservation and sustainable mobility.

Through partnership in international and regional projects, as a connecting link between competent ministries and municipalities, and in cooperation with related agencies, we promote integrated, balanced spatial development of the Gorenjska region and are in charge of the regional geographic information system. As a regional mobility centre – RCM Gorenjska, we plan integrated transport systems and promote sustainable mobility. We are active members of the Gorenjska Region Advisory Body for Development of Cycling (SORK). We encourage the introduction of innovations in the field of mobility and mobility powered by alternative fuel sources. We are preparing solutions for natural tourism development, in accordance with the guidelines of environmental protection and nature conservation.

Our activities include:

  • managing preparations of the regional spatial plan for the Gorenjska Development Region,
  • as a regional mobility center – RCM Gorenjska, we deal with the development of spatial policies and the promotion of sustainable forms of mobility,
  • promoting the development of cycling and coordinating the planning of cycling connections in cooperation with municipalities and the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency,
  • environmental protection and nature conservation,
  • development of eco-friendly tourism and culture,
  • applying for international projects and participating in regional committees..