Activities in the field of economy are carried out in the Kovačnica business unit – business incubator Kranj.

With activities in the field of economy, we want to encourage entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit in the Gorenjska region among various target groups. We organize entrepreneurship trainings “Kovačnica junior” for elementary school students, we solve various entrepreneurial challenges with high school and university students, and we organize hackathons and workshops to promote 21st century competencies, which influence their easier employability or more successful market entry. We help potential and beginner entrepreneurs with the transition to entrepreneurship and the successful development of their business idea. We help entrepreneurs apply for various national and EU tenders and advise domestic and foreign investors in developing investments in the region.

In addition to the above, we also support municipalities within the region at developing business zones, promote investment opportunities, and act as a connecting link between local and national decision-makers.

Our areas of work include:

  • free counselling to entrepreneurs regarding the establishment and management of a company,
  • advice and assistance in applying for various tenders,
  • promotion of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit through national and EU tenders,
  • implementation of entrepreneurship promotion programs for innovative entrepreneurs with growth potential,
  • mentoring and expert counselling for potential and beginner entrepreneurs,
  • the organization of numerous educational workshops and lectures in the broadest entrepreneurial sense, conducting study visits and professional excursions, opening up business opportunities, entrepreneurial get-togethers…