The people of Gorenjska are our most important development potential, and a happy and satisfied life our goal orientation.

10% of the population of Slovenia lives in the Gorenjska region, which ranks the region in fourth place among the twelve development regions. Gorenjska has the lowest unemployment rate. Life expectancy at birth in Gorenjska is among the longest in Slovenia. The educational structure of the population is among the highest in Slovenia. Continuous development in all areas of human life requires the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. An appropriately qualified and educated workforce is essential for the economic development of the region. Gorenjska wants to become a region with a high quality of life for all generations, a high level of tolerance and respect for all social groups.

Our activities include:

  • managing the Human Resources Development Committee
  • addressing key regional topics in the field, monitoring national, EU and other guidelines in the field
  • identification and development of project ideas, preparation and management of project proposals by participating in expert groups, councils
  • organization and participation in various informative, educational events, conferences