We are here to design the region’s development strategy together with you and implement programs and projects in a way that connects the needs of local communities, companies and other regional institutions with national and European development policies and partners.

The concept of regional development, institution and types of development incentives are defined by the Act Promoting Harmonised Regional Development and regulations, but its implementation depends primarily on the region and its own development ambitions.

Gorenjska wants to become one of the most dynamic regions in the Alpine area. Its development is based on partnership, entrepreneurship, knowledge, innovation and openness. In order to achieve this, we have set a vision for the development of the region, which is:

High quality of living for all generations in a connected, energy-efficient and clean Alpine region!

We will pursue to reach the vision by investing:

  • in and for people,
  • in environmental, transport and business infrastructure,
  • in the transition to a low-carbon society,
  • into new technologies, with an emphasis on digitization.

The development of the Gorenjska region must follow the principles of sustainable development in its broadest sense, i.e. meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. That we and our descendants will say: “Gorenjska – Where I want to live, work and play!”

Our activities include:

  • preparation of the regional development program and other development and implementation documents
  • preparing and managing comprehensive regional projects for financing from the EU and domestic sources
  • transfer of knowledge and good practices in regional development/li>
  • providing information, general advice, inventory of project ideas and guidance of development partners in the region regarding the design, application for tenders and implementation of regional projects
  • management and support of development structures (Gorenjska Region Council, Gorenjska Region Development Council and committees, Regional Development Network, Western Slovenia Cohesion Development Council)

These are general development tasks at regional level and other development tasks of the state, which are carried out at regional level in the public interest, and are defined by Articles 18 and 19 of the Act Promoting Harmonised Regional Development.