Through the approach of “community-led local development” in rural areas, we enable the implementation of comprehensive and balanced development of local areas according to the “bottom up” principle.

The “bottom-up” approach allows the local population to actively decide on the priorities and development goals of the local area, including the sources of financing to achieve the goals of the local area, by forming local partnerships – Local Action Groups (LAG). The approach enables the implementation of a wide range of challenges in different environments, greater flexibility in achieving goals and responds to the actual needs of the local area.

Our activities include:

  • rural development,
  • effective implementation of the Local Development Strategy,
  • conducting workshops for the animation of residents of the LAG area,
  • publication of LAG public calls,
  • providing information to interested residents in the LAG area,
  • encouraging the implementation of operations,
  • assistance to potential beneficiaries in the preparation and implementation of operations.